Brahms - pressure [cassette]

 " Brahms/ブラームスは不眠症ビジュアル・アーティスト、スカム・ジン(アートブック同人誌)の天才、ジョーバン・モランのプロジェクト。 消えることのない濃霧の奥から、不安定に聴こえてくる憂鬱で悲しげなメロデイ。 一人シクシク泣いてしまいそうな哀愁のカセットテープ。"

Visual artist genius insomnia, scum Jin (doujinshi art book), Brahms / Brahms project Jovan Moran. from the back of the fog that does not disappear, sad Merodei hear the melancholy that comes unstable. Cassette tape of sorrow likely to boo-hoo crying alone.



Interview with Brahms
From Manuel over at the Depression Chamber.

If any of you know Jovan, you know he’s a creative dude. You also know his more darker,
chaotic edge. BRAHMS is a meditation on beauty and the constriction of physical reality, there is a deeper strand of creative energy flowing from the creator of BRAHMS than I believe a passerby would realize. Regardless of anything else, here’s Jovan.


Brahms debut c-10


Brahms - A Full Embrace.mp3
Insomniac visual artist and scum zine extraordinaire Jovan Moran bathes somber piano melodies in a rare shower of Southern California rain. A jumble of worn out tape in a waterlogged desktop cassette recorder reveal an innocent purity of post-adolescent negativity. Moran's first and possibly last publicly released recording documents the treasuring of fleeting moments of comfort that become rarer and make less sense with each passing day. Songs for reflection on the moment you realize that everything has become worse than when you first left it.
Press: Tiny Mix TapesScientists of Sound